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Dr. Stef Keris

Dr Stef Keris was born in 1972 in Athens (Greece) but was raised in Germany, where he went to school and university. During his studies he came across Islam and started to read about the faith. After three years of inner struggle, he accepted the deen in 1992 and started learning Arabic and more about his new way of life.

He has travelled to many countries and has worked as a teacher in a number of them (NL, UAE, Saudi Arabia, GR, UK).  He has been a lecturer and teacher for the last 25 years. Stef is a polyglot (English, German, Greek, French, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic) with a Master’s and a PhD in Political Science.

His interest in (Islamic) history of Greece, his country of origin, and other Mediterranean countries got him to work in tourism. In 2001 he moved to the UK and did a variety of courses in Islamic Studies. He became a Muslim Chaplain in 2010.

Dr Stef has written three books in the series of 'The Hidden Islamic Heritage of our World': 

The Forgotten Ottoman Legacy of (Mainland) Greece - The Unknown Ottoman Hungary - The Unseen Ottoman Vienna. He has made three documentaries about the Ottoman legacy in Greece, in Hungary and in Vienna (Austria) and about the three Ottoman capitals (Bursa, Edirne and Istanbul).

His recent work is the textbook The Islamic history of Europe-How Islam has become part of Europe. This textbook is taught at schools in Birmingham and (in German) in Zurich (Switzerland).

Dr Stef Keris gives presentations about ‘Ottoman and Islamic heritage in Europe’ throughout the English-speaking world as well as the German-speaking countries. He has had several programmes on Islamic heritage in Europe and in the world on Huda TV (Egypt), Unity FM (Birmingham), Radiouahid (Switzerland) and in a number of different Community Centres, universities and organisations in the UK and abroad.

Dr Stef gives lectures, talks and workshops for a number of organisations within the UK and abroad. He currently does workshops about our Islamic Heritage in the World every third Sunday of the month at the ICC (Regent’s Park Mosque) in London and in German on Radiouahid.

Dr Stef Keris has cooperated with the following organisations worldwide:

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Dr Stef Keris with Huda TV


Dr Stef Keris with Imam Popal (Munich)

Dr Stef Keris at Winterthur Mosque


Dr Stef Keris & Dr Yasir Qadhi

Dr Stef Keris at Iman Zentrum (Zurich)


Dr Stef Keris at Islamic Information Service (Frankfurt)

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Dr. Stef in Czech Republic


Dr. Stef at IERA HQ with Hamza Tzortzis (CEO)


Dr. Stef at the Central Mosque (Cologne)

Disclaimer: Dr Stef is an independent lecturer, historian and da'i, who is not affiliated to any of the organisations he has contact with or has given lectures for. He has been using various platforms to educate the audience about Islamic history and the misconceptions about the Muslims and their history (Al Andalus, Sicily, Fraxinetum, Ottomans)!