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Dr Stef Keris was born in 1972 in Athens (Greece) but was raised in Germany, where he went to school and university. During his studies he came across Islam and started to read about the faith. After three years of inner struggle, he accepted the deen in 1992 and started learning Arabic and more about his new way of life.

He has travelled to many countries and has worked as a teacher in a number of them (NL, UAE, Saudi Arabia, GR, UK). He has been a lecturer and teacher for the last 25 years. Stef is a polyglot (English, German, Greek, French, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic), a Muslim Chaplin with a Master’s and a PhD in Political Science.

Dr. Stef has made it his mission to inform the rest of the world about the hidden Islamic heritage. So, he founded the Lost History Project Ltd. to begin this journey. Its aims are to strengthen the Muslim Identity all over the Globe.


To educate his fellow Europeans and Muslim Brothers/Sisters about this European Islamic Heritage, he created Courses, authored many Books and filmed many more Documentaries.

Come and Look at where we have been


Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and spread the correct information regarding the presence of Muslims in Europe.

We want to strengthen the Muslim Identity here in Europe and all over the world, by uncovering and discovering historical facts that show we Muslims also played a major role in each and every Continent and Civilisation.

Come and help is accomplish this through our Books, Documentaries, Lectures, Live Workshops, Blogs and Videos.

Meet The LHP Team

Yaasir L. Keris

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Yaasir L. Keris is the Director of the Lost History Project Ltd. He holds a Master's of Islamic Banking. He works on the Financing and Marketing of the organisation.  

Dr. Stef Keris

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Dr. Stef Keris is the Lead Researcher of the Lost History Project Ltd. He has dedicated his life to uncovering the hidden secrets of Islamic History in the world.

Ismail H. Keris

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Ismail H. Keris is Studying a Bachelor in Computer Software Engineering and is an intern at Lost History Project Ltd. He works on Video editing and Media Related Content. 

Free Documentary

"The Unknown Ottoman Hungary"  by Dr. Stef Keris

Hungary, a country that has inherited many, minor and major monuments under almost 2 centuries of Ottoman rule.

What We Do



We take a balanced and factual view at events that have unfolded in history and break them down into simple understandable chunks of information.



After we have gathered all these chunks of information, we carefully and skilfully sew them together to create a lasting and lesson-rich story for everyone to witness.



The stories and factual information we present to people have one main goal: 

to increase the self confidence of the Muslims in their Muslim Identity. Especially now when it seems like the whole world is against Muslims and Islam.

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