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Islamic History of Europe (Spread By The Sword? Series)

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420 Minutes

Islamic History of Europe (Spread By The Sword? Series)


Dr. Stef Keris

Studied Masters and PHD in Political sciences and has researched and lectured 25 years on the Subject of Islamic History in the World. He has written and directed countless books and documentaries respectively. 

About the course

Spread by the Sword? Series

Our first segment of 14 episodes about how Islam has become part of the continent of Europe is available here.

Discover Al-Andalus, Fraxinetum, the Tatars, the Ottomans, Islam in the British Isles and Muslim Vikings!               
We have three assignments that have to be completed before the student can get a certificate.

Each episode will address a unique aspect of Islam in Europe:

1. Why History?

2.The Umayyads in Damascas

3.The Umayyads in Al-Andalus



6.Malta, Crete and Cyprus

7.The Almoravids and Almohads

8.The Nasrids

9.The Ottomans

10.The Ottomans II

11.The Mongols

12.The Tartars

13.The Vikings

14.The British Isles

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