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One who doesn't know his history is doomed to repeat it. Follow me on a journey to uncover The World's Islamic Heritage!

Spread by the sword? Online course

This online series wants to rectify the image of Islam having been spread by the sword as it is falsely promoted by the media and the education system!

It contains four segments about the spread of Islam in Europe, Africa, the Americas and in Asia. Participants can obtain a certificate on completion!

The Identity Series

This free series of four episodes introduces the concept of integration and assimilation. It gives examples of both and a suggestion of which one should be pursued!

Series can be found on Dr Stef's Youtube Channel.


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Spread by the Sword Series

Our first segment of 14 episodes about how Islam has become part of the continent of Europe is available here.

Discover Al-Andalus, Fraxinetum, the Tatars, the Ottomans, Islam in the British Isles and Muslim Vikings!

This highly popular bundle contains the legacy of Islam in Europe with the Ottoman empire book series (Ottoman Hungary+DVD, Ottoman Greece+DVD, Ottoman Vienna +DVD)

From Ertughrul to Suleiman. This Ottoman Empire course highlights the rise of the Ottoman dynasty, starting with the nowadays famous Ertughrul who fled with his Asian tribe to the area which we know today as Turkey and established a massive empire containing three continents (Europe, Asia, Africa). The focus is on the first 10 rulers of the Ottoman Empire!

This Islamic history alternative textbook is designed to correct the idea that Islam and Europe do not belong together!

It consists of five chapters: from Al-Andalus to the Ottoman Empire and from the Tatars to the Vikings and the British Isles! 

This book is a result of Dr. Stef's 30 years of intense research on the topic of the history of Islam in Europe!

This 110-minutes long documentary is the result of Dr. Stef's 30 years of travelling and recording throughout the continent of Europe! It makes the book The Islamic History of Europe come to life!