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Dr Stef Keris was born in 1972 in Athens (Greece) but was raised in Germany, where he went to school and university.


During his studies he came across Islam and started to read about the faith. After three years of inner struggle, he accepted the deen in 1992 and started learning Arabic and more about his new way of life.

Find History,
Form Identity,
Fight Prejudice

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Dr Stef's Projects


Dr Stef With Back 2 Salam
Dr Stef With Back 2 Salam
Dr Stef With Whipso Charity
Dr Stef At The Islam 21C Annual Dinner
Dr Stef Being Interviewed In Austria
Dr Stef In Egypt With Huda TV Staff
Dr Stef And Hamza Tzortzis
Dr Stef And Yaasir Qadi
Dr Stef Working Together With The Near Neighbours Group

What People Say

"So glad I found someone with knowledge on history of Islam in the west. Alhamdulillah ❤️."

Idolwrecker, Youtube Subscriber

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