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Ottoman Empire Rise (Ottoman Empire Series)

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140 Minutes

Ottoman Empire Rise (Ottoman Empire Series)


Dr. Stef Keris

Studied Masters and PHD in Political sciences and has researched and lectured 25 years on the Subject of Islamic History in the World. He has written and directed countless books and documentaries respectively. 

About the course

Ottoman Might and power. How did it reach the stage of supremacy over its neighbours. How did the empire begin and what were the gruesome results of the civil war? 

What do we really know about the Ottoman Empire? These are only just a few questions that everyone should ask themselves about this centuries strong Empire.

Each episodes is unique and presents a different look at the Empire:

1. The Beginning 

2. The Opening of Europe

3. The Second Founding

4. Al-Fatih

5. The Restoration

6. The Zenith

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