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What is the definition of Hijrah and when did the first hijrah of the Muslims take part? 
What is the importance of this hijrah?
Who was the first ruler in the history of Islam to embrace the faith and the importance of Islam in Africa!
Does the idea of Hijrah apply to the Muslims of today? But where do we Muslims make Hijrah nowadays? What are the best places to make Hijrah to and how?
Let’s take a look at the main criteria we should consider when we want to make such a big step!
1. Security
2. Freedom of Muslim worship
3. Islam, playing an important role
4. Acceptable economic situation
5. Acceptable social situation
6. Access to (Islamic) education
7. Freedom to raise your family Islamically!
We will take a look at the main countries and areas where those criteria apply to, starting in
Muslim Europe!
Subjects Covered:
1) Muslim Europe
2) Muslim Africa
3) Non-Muslim Africa
4) Muslim Asia
5) South America
6) Next Steps

Hijrah, But Where To?

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