The Americas is a territory made of the two continents North America and South America, making up the majority of the land in Earth’s Western Hemisphere. Both continents together contain almost 1 billion people and 35 countries.


Due to centuries of European colonial rape and exploitation, the populations are a mix of the descendants of indigenous peoples, European colonialists and immigrants, Asian indentured labourers and African slaves. Their main languages are Indo-European: Spanish, English,

Portuguese, French and Dutch and their main religion is Christianity. Decolonisation however started with the American Revolution in the 1770s and ended with the Spanish-American War in the 1890s.


The history of Islam and the Muslims in the Americas goes back over one thousand years, long before there was any European

contact. According to new research, there is enough evidence for a presence of Muslims in the ancient Americas, centuries before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492. Most probably, there was an intense contact between the Muslims and the Americans which allowed an exchange of knowledge, agricultural products, livestock and other commercial items. A good amount of sculptures, oral traditions, eyewitness reports, artifacts, and inscriptions have been found to confirm this.


Discover this unknown history of Muslim America from before colonisation to modern times. Find out that there is a thriving Muslim community in Honduras and Nicaragua, that Islam has also reached Haiti and even Mexico. Did you know that there are two countries in the Americas that are members of the Organisation of Islamic countries? Did you know that the GTA has the highest concentration of Muslims in any other city in North America?


In this Book of 131 pages, and many HD Images, Dr. Stef leads you on a journey through the whole of both North and South America, while telling you the story of Islam in these continents. For a free sneak peak at this story, have a look at the link below:

Book I- Islamic History Of North America

Book II- Islamic History Of South America


Enjoy both Books I & II, Islam In The Americas

Islamic History Of The Americas Bundle


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