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Islam In Central Europe Bundle

1. The Unseen Ottoman Vienna (Digital)
2. Germany's Undiscovered Islamic Legacy (Digital)
3. The Neglected Islamic Heritage Of The Benelux Countries (Digital)

The Europeans have inherited a wonderfully rich Islamic heritage. A heritage they choose to hide and hate.

We have to bring this out and learn from our previous greatness. But more than this we have make the Europeans aware that we belong to Europe. That we are not foreign and alien to Europe.

And we can only accomplish this by learning about our age old presence in Europe.

We have to learn and know our Islamic History to protect our families and enlighten the Europeans to remove their hatred.

So, we have put up these Documentaries for you to benefit from. we have them here for you for only £16.


This is an offer for all three digital documentaries.


We discuss and uncover the hidden presence of Islam in countries like Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and more. 

For example the first mosque in Germany was built in 1890 by a Prussian King! Muslim or not! that is one of the many questions we try to find the answer to.

Come and join us on this journey of discovery!

Full Value £37
For Only £16

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