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A magnificent one of a kind Muslim and Christian contract.

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

In 649, the Muslims under Caliph Muawiyah attacked the island for the first time, opening the capital Salamis - Constantia after a brief siege, but drafted a treaty with the local rulers. During this expedition, a relative of the Prophet (PBUH), Umm-Haram fell from her mule near the Salt Lake at Larnaca where she died and was buried. The Ottomans built later the Hala Sultan Tekke here which can be still visited nowadays.

In 650, the Muslims returned and installed a garrison of 12,000 on part of the island, where they remained until 680.

Only 8 years later, the Byzantine emperor Justinian II and the Caliph Abdul Malik agreed on something unique:

Although the Byzantines tried to capture the island for themselves several times, Cyprus remained under the Caliph until the 10th century. For about 6 centuries it was Christian-ruled but in 1571, it became part of the mighty Ottoman Empire.

This was an excerpt out of the Islamic history of Europe book. If you want to find out more about the book click here:

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The  Hala Sultan Tekke in Larnaka

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